'You have to experience life, not survive it.' Under this motto, Harley-Davidson®  Gent and Gent Chapter Belgium competed against breast cancer for six months. They collected €2,900 for the benefit of Pink Ribbon.

“A number of couples who are fighting breast cancer themselves drive in our Chapter,” says Ann Vandewoude, manager of Harley-Davidson®  Gent in Sint-Martens-Latem. “When they were diagnosed with breast cancer, their lives changed. Suddenly everything was about survival. While Harley-Davidson®  is synonymous with experiencing freedom. That is why we set up various campaigns together with Ghent Chapter Belgium last year to collect money for the fight against breast cancer.”

Pink motorbike

In the showroom, the Harley-Davidson®  Gent team set up a completely pink corner with clothing, accessories, pins and patches. The proceeds of the sale of this went entirely to Pink Ribbon. To draw even more attention to breast cancer, a bike was wrapped completely in pink by StreetStyle, including pink handles and the Pink Ribbon logo on the tank. Ghent Chapter Belgium also contributed by selling drinks, hot dogs and pancakes during open days and during the Christmas market at HD Gent. Together they collected the beautiful amount of €2,900. “From our hearts, a respectful thank you to everyone who supported the campaign,” says Ann Vandewoude

But the motorcyclists have another nice surprise up their sleeve. What better way to forget the worries about cancer… than sitting on the back of your bike? On September 2, ten couples who were or have fought the battle against cancer came to the motorcycle dealer in Ghent, where they were offered a ride through the fields. In addition to the ride-out, time was also provided for questions about breast cancer or motorcycling, a coffee and a snack and a nice chat or shopping in the store. "It was a great experience. Thanks for this beautiful ride. It's great that you are so committed to Pink Ribbon," said Xandrina Nikkelen. Sabrina Van Den Steen added: “Really chapeau for what you do. You are already in my pink heart.”

keep betting

In the coming months, Harley-Davidson® Gent and Ghent Chapter Belgium will continue to compete against breast cancer. You can support the action by purchasing an exclusive pin or patch from Harley-Davidson® Gent.