Before your first ride of the season, it is best to check the following 7 points

Radiant sun, blue skies and mild February temperatures. Ideal for taking your motorcycle out of the stable for a first ride of the year. Before you leave, it is best to check the following seven points:

  1. Petrol : Use fresh petrol E5 (better known as Euro 98).
  2. Oil : Check if your oil level is sufficient.
  3. Tires : Check your tire pressure. You can find the optimal tire pressure on the side of your tire or in the manual of your Harley motorcycle. Also check the profile of your tires. A tire must have a minimum profile of 1.6 mm. If your tires are more than five years old, consider having them replaced. Rubber dies on the inside.
  4. Brakes : Visually check the thickness of your brake pads.
  5. Battery : Do not start your battery, first connect it to an HD® trickle charger for 24 hours . If it still does not start after that, it is best to contact your dealer. Always use an original HD® battery.
  6. Insurance : Is your motorcycle still insured? Harley | Insurance™  is the only Belgian motorcycle insurance policy tailored to Harley® riders.
  7. Warranty : Is your warranty for your new or used motorcycle about to expire? Inquire about the interesting extended warranty options .